Daughters of the American Revolution Tour Saint Jo

Members of the Rebecca Crockett Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution visited Saint Jo October 14th for their monthly meeting.  Twenty-two ladies, coming from the central north Texas area, spent the day touring the Museum of the Stonewall Saloon, the new Ordinance Museum, Davis and Blevins Gallery and dined at the Lazy Heart Grill. They were welcomed by an informative and hospitable group including Billie Grigsby, Rose Sicking, Donna Howell-Sickles, Danny Steadham, Susan Causey, Craig Olden, Janis Sneed and the staff of the Lazy Heart Grill.   Following their formal meeting, they continued to shop through the stores located on the square.   These ladies were awed by the opportunities located in and around Saint Jo. 

DAR tour2.PNG